What is Virtual Reality in Multimedia?

What is Virtual Reality in Multimedia?

What is Virtual Reality in Multimedia?

Virtual Reality refers to Computer simulation of real world “Environment” used 3D Graphics and external devices like Data flow Glob or Helmet to allow user to interact with Simulation. Virtual Reality is away for humans to visual eyes manipulate and interact with computers externally complex data. Visual Reality is a technology which allow a user to interact with a computer simulated Environment pre in a real or imagine one. Most current Virtual Reality environment a primary visual experiences ,displayed either or number or through special studio scope displays but some simulation include additional scenery information such as sound through speaker or Headphones , some advance hap-tic system not include textile information generally  known force feedback. The Version of the Virtual Reality is uncertain.The Jutas mentala 1982 science fiction .

Novel of  Damine brovertick where the context for using some Different.


One hardware device closely associated with VR is Head Mounted Display.

There are some short of Helmet or goggles to play some video display in front of each eye with special optic focus and stretch purchase field most HMDs used to display and can provide studio phonic imagine. Other use a signal largest display to provide higher resolution but don’t the stereo topic reason. Most lower cast HMDs used LCDs display why other use small similar such as those found is Camcorders. The most experience HMDs use special CRT mountain along side the head or optical pipe to pipe the images from non head mountain display –  A HMD requires a position rappers in Addition to the Helmet alternatively the Display can be mounted on armature for support & Ragging. 

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So guys I hope you understood what is virtual Reality, if you’ve any question of virtual reality and related of computer knowledge then you can ask frequently through by Comment.

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