What is Software | Types of Software

What is Software | Types of Software

Software means a collection of program or set of instruction, whose objective is to enhance the capabilities of the hardware machine. These instruction can be either a single programme or a group of programmers. It is important to note that the computer can not do anything on its own. It must be instructed to do a desired job thus it is necessary to specify the sequence of instruction that a computer must perform to solve a problem. Such instruction are written in a language that can be understood by the computer are called as Computer Program.

There are following types of software :

  1. system Software
  2. Application Software
  3. Utility or service software

System Software :- The System software is the collection of programs and instruction, which helps the user to control the operation of a computer system. The system software coordinates the operations of various hardware components of the computer. It is an interface between the user and computer.

  • Operating System DOS (Window as Windows 98, Windows XP etc. )
  • Drivers (Sound Card, Display Drive )
  • Compile and Interpreter.What is Software | Types of Software

Application Software : There are the programmer employed by the user to perform some specific function. The term application software describes program that helps people accomplish their specific tasks.
For Example :- Inventory control system is used to manage the inventory of an organization is termed as an application software.

Example : Micro Soft Office, Payroll System, Inventory System etc.

Utility Software : Utility Software are those that are very often requested by many application programs. These software may be considered as application software or system software, which is very often used in the development of a programme.

Example : Win Zip, Front Page, Notepad, Web Browser etc.

Compiler and Interpreter :- Compiler and interpreters are used to translate the source program to object program. The compiler translate the whole program at a time. Interpreter the programmer line by line. The another difference between compiler and interpreter is, the interpreter would execute the next line only if the first line is error free.

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