What is Internet ? About Internet | Define Internet

What is Internet ? About Internet | Define Internet

What is Internet ?

The Internet is a global networks of computers.Every computer that is connected to the internet is considered a part of that network. This means even your home computer. It’s all a matter of degrees, you connect to your ISP’s network, and then your ISP connects to a larger network and so on. At the top of the tree are the high-capacity backbones, all of these interconnect at ‘Network Access Points’ ‘NAPs’ at important regions around the world. The entire internet is based on agreement between these backbone provides who set in place all the fiber optics lines and other technical aspects of the Internet. The first high speed backbone was created by the ‘National Science Foundation‘ in 1987.

The Internet was first created by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the U.S. government in 1960’s, and was fist known as the ARPA Net. At this stage the internet’s first computers were at academic and government institutions. They were mainly used for accessing files and to send email. From 1983 onward the internet as we know it today started to from with the introduction of the communication protocol TCP/IP to ARPA Net.

The actual term “Internet” was finally defined in 1995 by FNC ( The Federal Networking Council ) . The resolution created by the Federal Networking Council ( FNC ) agrees that the following language reflects ore definition of the term “Internet“. Internet refers to the global information system.What is Internet ? About Internet | Define Internet

Note :- The Internet and the World Wide Web are closely related but not the same.

The Internet allows people to do several things as given below –

  • Send and Recieve emails.
  • View web sites.
  • Search required data or information
  • Download files such as mp3, Images, movies etc.
  • Chat with people live online.
  • Post message or newsgroups and forms.
  • Play multiplayer games online.
  • Watch movies and type programs
  • Chat and view on the web cams

And many other tasks you can do using Internet.



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