Short Essay and Paragraph on Health is Wealth

health is wealth

Short Essay and Paragraph on Health is Wealth

Men’s most precious possession is life is health is wealth which is the very basis of man’s existence on the earth. This body is lamp unto life so  its health is the foundation to all that life involves – success, power, happiness. “healthy mind in a healthy body’ is not an empty slogan. Healthy mind and body also generate a healthy spirit. Thus the health of mind, body and heart is what perfect health is all about, which helps a man to do his work vigorously, think peacefully and positively and act righteously.

Health is the real wealth. As it has been said, “If wealth is lost, nothing is lost, if health is lost too much is lost.” A healthy man can earn as much wealth as he wishes anytime but a wealthy man can not buy even a little of health with his money. Only a healthy man can look after his own well-being, the well-being of his family, his society and his nation. Only he can fulfill the duties and responsibilities of his life cheerfully. On the other hand, a sick man is always thoughtless, lazy and querulous.

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So this perfect physical health must be gained and maintained for peace and prosperity in life. Many thinkers and scholars have suggested various ways to achieve it like taking balanced diet, breathing pollution-free air, leading a self-controlled life, maintaining cleanliness and working without tension to save precious energy. James Allen prescribes positive thinking free from to all the inharmonious thoughts like- anger, worry, jealousy, greed etc. which he thinks, are the seeds of disease. To him, a man of pure and loving thoughts and goodwill for others needs no medicine. Moreover, exercise is also necessary to health. Exercise of both mind and body leads to perfect health.

But the tragedy is that most people know all these tips to health but they have either no means or are too lazy to follow them. The problems like adulteration of food, air, water and soil pollution, rising prices, population and modern life style of the people complete the cycle off ill-health. Formerly, simple living and high thinking used to be the ideal of a healthy life but now it is the other-way-around. The result is fatal disease that ruin health.

health is vital to success and happiness in life. Health and success go hand-in-hand. A healthy man need no help from others. He is self-reliant in everything he does or needs to do. He is never sad. he is always at peace with himself. Health is related to man’s character as well because health requires self-control which character is built upon.  Health mind and body and character lead to spiritual power.

Thus, perfect physical health is vital to life and all that is in it. A sick-man in any field does not accomplish anything. Only healthy men are achievers in life. Only they make a healthy society and a strong, prosperous nation.

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