Advantage and disadvantage of science || Essay of Science

Advantage and disadvantage of science

Advantage and disadvantage of science

science has been called a good servant but a bad master it has been  praised as a boon and condemned as a customer kind because of the one hand it has helped mankind in a variety of ways, On the other it has created things that can take mankind to its doom. Science has made miraculous discoveries and inventions that evoke both respect and fear in the mind of people.

Science has brought Revolutionary changes in human life it has brought man from the key to the modern age from the discovery of fire to that of ‘God particle’ from the simple tool of stone to the complex modern machines and from the slave of nature to its master. Today every sphere of human life is full of the miracles of science which has entered the mind, body and soul of mankind so much that it is unthinkable to think of life without it.

science is a good servant but a bad master

Science is a boon to mankind for all the services it has rendered to make life comfortable and happy. Its discoveries have lent great advantages to mankind. They have enlarged human intellect, knowledge and wisdom and scientific inventions, machines, have made human life free from drudgery. Telephones, televisions have removed all barriers of time and space in the field of communication and transportation. Buses, trains and aeroplanes have shortened time and distance, made mobility easier and transformed the world into a small place. Aeroplanes and helicopters help man to soar high into the sky, ships help him to sail on mighty seas and oceans and submarines take him to their depths, Rockets have taken him into space. With the help of science, man can draw energy from the sun, wind water. Man has also discovered atom and invented technology to trigger nuclear fission and fusion to get inexhaustible source if energy.

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In the field of medicine and surgery, science has worked wonders. Fatal and debilitating diseases like chicken pox, cholera, polio etc. have been conquered and average life expectancy has increased. In the field of surgery, technology has helped man to transplant any organ in the body. Stem-cell research is growing fast and with its help it will be possible to grow any organ in the laboratory for transplantation in the body. Genetic engineering can cure even the hereditary disease and also clone animals from a single cell.

Computer and information technology is the area where science is making such rapid strides that the world of today appears different from that of yesterday. With computers, man has moved on to a new life and civilization. Computers have captured every profession and sphere of human activity.

Science is a great power and its benevolent use does a great service to mankind. But sadly, man is misusing this power and is bent on making it a curse. He has become sluggish and devoid of feelings like the machine. He has lost all human values and sensitives. Scientific inventions have generated unemployment and pollutes air, water and soil. Aeroplanes, ships, submarines, rockets, atom have become agents of war and mass destruction threatening the existence of life on this planet.

This face of science is a great disadvantage and a curse to mankind. But for this, science in not at fault. It is man and his evil nature that is responsible, not science which is there for the well-being of man, to solve his doubts and problems.

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